Gun Debate Turns into a Constitutional Issue

Gun laws have become an extremely controversial issue this year. Recently, Congress has gathered together to discuss the constitutionality of various proposals now being brought up, including the reinstatement of an assault weapons ban. Suggestions that limit gun usage and purchasing have strong support among the American public. A majority of American citizens feel like having a plan that involves universal background checks for gun sales is great. Restrictions like limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines is also something that people seem to agree on because it is clearly consistent with the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Even though restrictions on gun laws would be a wise decision, some people agree for the wrong reasons. They think that crime rates go up simply because there are too many loopholes that result in gun laws being ineffective. For these people, the best way to decrease crime rates is to simply work on gun control as a whole in society.

Although, contrary to these facts, some people argue that the focus shouldn’t be on the guns being used, but that it should be on the criminals that are purchasing the guns. It should be aimed toward restricting gun control for those who are specifically unfit to be in possession of a weapon. Is it the gun that’s dangerous or is it the person holding the gun that uses it in an immature and irresponsible manner? Another thing to think about is the fact that power is a very dangerous thing that could quickly get out of hand. Once restrictions are in place, they tend to grow and expand in power over time as politicians seek favor by “making things safer”. In their initial form they may just be able to deny people based on public criminal records, but there really isn’t much to stop them from going beyond that. The 9th Amendment of the Constitution states that “the enumeration of the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be constructed to deny or disparged others retained by the people. The right to dear arms is an inviolable personal right. Citizens deserve to have ownership of guns in order to protect themselves if necessary. Criminals will always figure out a way to have ownership of a weapon whether the law is restricting them from getting one or not. So, limiting and restricting access to weapons is not progressing the situation in a positive direction at all, and it’s not going to solve any problems related to crime rates.

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