Government Shut Down


The partial government shut down has been in affect for almost three weeks now, and the worst part about it is that it’s not productive in any way at all. The Republican party claims to be negotiating with the Democratic party by saying that they will fund the government if the democrats will make fundamental changes to Obamacare. For example, the Republicans want to postpone the implementation of Obamacare, defund it, get rid of the taxes on medical equipment, get rid of the mandatory participation in Obamacare. They say they will fund the government if the administration and Democrats agree to make the changes. They are basically holding the country hostage by depriving them of necessary government support. The defunding of federal agencies is actually causing an extreme loss of money. The nation is now losing AT LEAST $160 million every single day. Something even MORE confusing and jaw dropping is that the government is actually starting to pay people not to work. The House recently voted to pay almost 1 million federal workers who were told to stay home since October 1st, which was approved by The Senate and Barack Obama. Wouldn’t it be logical to pay the employees to work? Of course. But, this controversial confusion goes well with the other government shut down related decisions. 

The government has banned people from not only visiting national parks and monuments, but also from simply looking at them. All of the scenery observation areas have been blocked off so no one can even stop by to take a look. Oddly enough, these national parks and monuments require no employees, no gates and costs absolutely nothing to keep them open. Although, it is costing money to put up barricades, which makes plenty of sense, right? Along with the national parks, the administration has forced restaurants, hotels, campground and other areas to close down, which is hurting the economy. Some of the people that work in these businesses live on the working grounds, so because of the situation they have lost their homes.  The government shut down has postponed the prevention and tracking of food borne illnesses for a few days, which caused a dangerous outbreak of salmonella from raw chicken which spread throughout twenty different states. Because of this, 31y people became sick with the illness and more than 40% of them ended up in the hospital, which caused the nation’s health care bill to raise. The employees who were responsible for spotting food illness outbreaks were called back, but obviously a little too late. 

The longer this government shut down is in effect, the more of a mess this will become. People who are buying homes won’t be able to verify their incomes. Airliners won’t remain as safe if the federal inspections are stalling. More people will be infected with food poisoning. There is a reason that this is the first time the government has shut down in nearly twenty years. The last time this happened it was realized to be a big mistake. Hopefully, someone realizes that the shut down is nothing but a waste of time. 

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